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Peggi Nall Photo
Mrs.  Peggi  Nall
Registrar/Administrative Technology Specialist

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Houston County Crossroads- Registrar / Adminintrative Technology Specialist

I came to work initially in Houston County at the Pearl Stephens School in 1985.  I worked with those students who were mentally challenged and I loved every moment of it.  After leaving the state for a number of years returned to our school system (working at WRHS, HCHS and now Crossroads) in 1995 and have been here ever since.  Now working as the Registrar and Administrative Technologist for the Crossroads Center where I plan to stay until I retire. 

There is a staff here whose primary purpose is to give all students the opportunity to be the best person/student they can be so they become hard working and high achieving adults, there is nothing better.  These students are literally  at a crossroads and truly have the option to choose the best path. There are more rewards here as you watch those who choose the path that is made for a successful future.